The practice of public relations the tylenol murders ch 2

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The practice of public relations the tylenol murders ch 2

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The practice of public relations the tylenol murders ch 2

We are always happy to assist you. A a continually evolving social science B an old, fully established profession C a practice that has not yet come of age D a profession that is practiced mostly in the United States Answer: To track the development of the practice of public relations from ancient times to the present.

Reflective thinking 2 Which major trend below is contributing to the evolution of the practice of public relations in the United States?

A increasing numbers of mom-and-pop retail, startup companies B greater pressure to become a profession like law or accounting C heightened public awareness and media sophistication D a growing number of online degree programs Answer: A healthy competition with the advertising industry B the need for organizations to defend themselves against negative publicity C the country's free enterprise system D participation in a free and open democratic society Answer: Reflective thinking 5 Professor Marshall McLuhan has become known for predicting.

A unimaginable growth in computer-related equipment B the world would become a "global village" C the death of the newspaper D the emergence of mass communication Answer: Information technology 6 Which of the following is NOT a major trend contributing to the evolution of the practice of public relations?

A growth in use of traditional distribution systems, including cars, trucks, and airlines B growth of big institutions C heightened public awareness and media sophistication D dominance of the Internet and growth of social media Answer: A unhappiness with large institutions B minority and women's rights movements C consumerism D an unstable health care system Answer: Analytical thinking 8 While public relations is a 20th-century phenomenon, its roots are.

A relatively new B tied to the future C ancient D timeless Answer: A They were masters of rhetoric and reasoning. B They established a model for today's lobbyists.

C They gathered in the amphitheaters to extol the virtues of political candidates. D They were not elected to leadership positions because they were good speakers.

The practice of public relations the tylenol murders ch 2

A Massachusetts Bay Colony; George Washington set the Pilgrims free B nation; colonists disgraced themselves by reminding loyalists that: A the persuasive power of early American communicators B that poetry can be highly persuasive C the colonists' love for the written word D how much the British despised American freedom Answer: A Barnumites; press agents B muckrakers; journalists C publicity bureau; press agents D lobbyists; sophists Answer: Reflective thinking 15 A principal contribution to the field of public relations made by Ivy Ledbetter Lee was.

A recognition that the public needed to be informed B devotion to assisting "robber barons" in damning the public C support for techniques employed by Barnum D an enduring belief in muckraking Answer: To underscore the contribution to the field of two pioneers, in particular, Ivy Lee and Edward Bernays, whose philosophies and policies set the tone for modern-day public relations.

A recognition that any publicity was good as long as a client's name was spelled correctly B commitment to present his client's point of view honestly, accurately, and forcefully C formation of third-front organizations D creation of "people in the street" interviews Answer: A He counseled clients that positive public relations begins with performance.

B He advocated for Barnum's "public-be-fooled" approach. C He advocated for Vanderbilt's "public-be-damned" philosophy. D He was known as the "father of spin. B Organizers mounted publicity campaigns against both wars. C The Central Intelligence Agency used "brainwashing" techniques on spies.

D The government used public relations techniques to mobilize public opinion. Analytical thinking 19 Publicity and press agentry today are often considered to be the same thing, thanks to.

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A the first public relations firm called the Publicity Bureau, which specialized in general press agentry B the firm led by Ivy Lee that specialized in counseling top management in the value of building public confidence and trust C corporate guidelines set down by Arthur Page and Paul Garrett D efforts by Edward Bernays and Doris Fleischman to introduce social psychology techniques in developing strategic communications advice Answer: Bernays's biggest contributions to the field of public relations was.

A recruiting Don Hillman, the first distinguished senior practitioner B designing the first degree program in public relations C using approaches that drew upon insights from the field of psychology D understanding the importance of integrating advertising into campaigns Answer:The remaining 16 chapters examine noted PR crisis cases including the two classics: Johnson&Johnson and the Tylenol murders (textbook example of doing everything right) and the Exon Valdez Oil .

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To date, there have been confirmed cases and deaths. Written as a primer for crisis communications, public relations, and communications management, Crisis Communications serves as an essential resource in the practice of public relations and corporate communications.

Feb 22,  · Generally, public relations employees in an agency are aware of the steps to take for crisis communication. A crisis communications action plan must be developed that follows the best practice guidelines for crisis management.

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