The dial up scripting command language

I have a number of virtual machines that have optional features that they do not need, such as Windows Media Player.

The dial up scripting command language

Written when the programming language Fortran was in heavy use, DCL is a scripting language supporting several datatypesincluding strings, integersbit arrays, arrays and booleans, but not floating point numbers. Access to OpenVMS system services kernel API is through lexical functionswhich perform the same as their compiled language counterparts and allow scripts to get information on system state.

Qualifiers can be position independent occurring anywhere on the command line or position dependent, in which case the qualifier affects the parameter it appears after.

The dial up scripting command language

Most qualifiers are position independent. Only the first most significant part of the verb and qualifier name is required. An example OS command may look like: The second show command could also be typed as: Some implementations such as OpenVMS used a minimum uniqueness scheme in allowing commands to be shortened while others such as RSX allowed commands to be abbreviated to a minimum of three characters.

Unlike other systems which use paths for locating commands, DCL requires commands to be defined explicitly, either via CLD Command Language Definition definitions or a foreign symbol. EXE by default, although processes are free to use their own tables -- and can then be invoked by the user.

The command definition language supports many types of options, for example dates and file specifications, and allows a qualifier to change the image invoked -- for example "CREATE", to create a file, vs.

The other simpler, but less flexible method to define commands is via foreign commands. This is more akin to the Unix method of invoking programs.

By giving the command: EXE, and supply any additional arguments literally to the program, for example, "foo -v". This method is generally used for programs ported from Unix and other non-native systems; for C programs using argc and argv command syntax.

This mechanism is known as an Automatic Foreign Command. COM and then for executable images command. EXE with filenames that match the command that was input by the user. Like traditional foreign commands, automatic foreign commands also allow Unix-style command input.

Scripting DCL scripts look much like any other scripting language, with some exceptions.

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For example, to use the TYPE command to print a paragraph onto the screen, one might use a script similar to: This allows the programmer to build arbitrarily sized data structures using the data itself as an indexing function.

Lexical functions Lexical functions provide string functions and access to VMS-maintained data. See also Literature Paul C.DBDial-Peer Failover c9 Is there another command to use for dial-peer failover other than the h timeout tcp establish command?

I have set this command to 3 seconds, but it is still taking 15 seconds for the router to use the failover dial-peer. Inventor R·H·泰巴德奥 Original Assignee 希捷科技有限公司 Priority date (The priority date is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion.

Jul 22,  · I moved from there to dabbling, and running a dial-up ISP, which utilized a fair amount of scripting. That led to Web development when JavaScript was first poking its head and PERL CGI was the thing. That led to more Linux administration, which meant Shell (SH/BASH/CSH) scripting.

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Jan 29,  · Windows PowerShell is a task-based command-line shell and scripting language designed especially for system administration. Built on Framework, Windows PowerShell helps IT professionals and power users control and automate the administration of the Windows operating system and applications that run on Windows.

The command architecture often makes heavy use of the arrow keys to select screen locations or lines on which to operate. , was UUCP — the Unix-to-Unix Copy Program commonly used as a mail transport over dial-up lines before the Internet explosion of the early s.

that program is often said to have an ‘embedded scripting language. The RUNDLL command starts DUN, the TRACERT command will actually start the dialing process, if and only if automatic dialing is enabled.

Windows NT: Windows NT has some additional, dedicated commands for Dial-Up networking (credits: Simon Sheppard).

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