The causes of hyperthyroidism essay

Symptoms may go unnoticed for a long time, and they may be vague and general. Symptoms vary a great deal between individuals, and they are shared by other conditions. The only way to obtain a concrete diagnosis is through a blood test. Treatment Treatment for hypothyroidism focuses on supplementing the thyroid hormone.

The causes of hyperthyroidism essay

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You are here Hyperthyroidism Overactive The term hyperthyroidism refers to any condition in which there is too much thyroid hormone produced in the body.
About Michael Broad Causes Goiter can be caused by a number of different conditions: Iodine deficiency Deficiency of iodine - found in seafood - is a major cause of goiter.
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Patients with diabetes may experience heightened diabetes symptoms, such as fatigue and increased thirst. Those with heart disease have a higher risk of arrhythmiaheart failureand other cardiovascular risks. Treatment Some medications treat the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, such as heart beat problems, while others target thyroid hormone productions.

Beta-blockers can relieve symptoms until other treatments start to work. Antithyroid drugs stop the thyroid gland from producing too much thyroxine or triiodothyronine. Methimazole or propylthiouracil PTU may be used. After starting treatment, it may take several weeks or months for hormone levels to adjust to the normal range.

On average, total treatment time is between 1 and 2 years, but it can take longer. Adverse effects of medications include: The destruction is local, and there are no widespread side effects.

The causes of hyperthyroidism essay

The dose of radioactivity contained in the radioiodine is very low and is not harmful. Radioiodine treatment is not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Women should avoid getting pregnant for at least 6 months after treatment, and men should not father a child for at least 4 months. Surgery can remove part of the thyroid gland if other treatments are not possible, for instance, during pregnancy, cannot tolerate other therapies, or has cancer.

Patients may find it useful to avoid food and other products that are high in iodine, such as seaweed and some cough medicines and multivitamins. Causes Several factors can cause hyperthyroidism. Graves' disease This is the most common cause, and it accounts for over 70 percent of cases.

Goiter: Causes, treatment, and symptoms

It is an autoimmune condition. It is unclear what triggers Graves' disease, but it often runs in families, suggesting a genetic basis.

Grave's disease is most common in women aged 20 to 40 years and especially smokers. It can affect the eyes, causing discomfort and double vision.

Patients commonly have eyes that protrude. Nodular thyroid disease Lumps, known as nodules, develop in the thyroid gland.

Hyperthyroidism Essays: Examples, Topics, Titles, & Outlines

It is unclear why they develop. They may contain abnormal thyroid tissue, but they are usually benign, or noncancerous. They affect the regular function of the thyroid, causing overactive thyroid. The thyroid may become enlarged, but there is no pain.Hyperthyroidism Case Study.

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Last Edited: Overstimulation causes the thyroid gland to swell. This swelling could also be a result of hyperthyroidism whereby the thyroid gland secretes too much thyroid hormone and the swelling also results, or it could be a thyroid tumour which also causes.

Mario Renato Iwakura’s guest series on the place of iodine and selenium supplementation in treatment of hypothyroidism continues. This is part 2. We have barely got into the habit of microchipping domestic cats yet today we are seriously discussing microchipping people.

The cat microchip is about the size of large grain of rice and it is injected into the scruff of the cat’s neck to identify the cat. Hyperthyroidism occurs when the thyroid produces excessive amounts of hormones.

Grave’ disease, an autoimmune disorder, is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism. Other causes include. Free Essay: The thyroid gland is found in the front of the neck and produces two main hormones.

The hormones are called thuroxine (T4) and Triiodothyronine. Subsequent pages are listed at the bottom which address more specific details of making the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism, the causes of hyperthyroidism, and different treatment options available for hyperthyroidism.

Hyperthyroidism Essay Hyperthyroidism I.

Hyperthyroidism: Causes, symptoms, and treatment