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Responsive letter

WordPress PhotoSwipe plugin is under development! Leave your email to get notified. Powered by MailChimp, unsubscribe any time. Touch gestures All basic gestures are supported: When the gesture is complete, the gallery will close. Vertical swipe to close gallery Gesture is added because close button in top right corner might be hard to reach on tall mobile devices while holding in one hand.

Horizontal swipe to switch items Images can be changed even Responsive letter current slide is zoomed. Swiping is not blocked during the transition.

Responsive letter

The initial URL is restored when the gallery is closed. Unique URL for each gallery item Users can share and link to each image.

The hash suffix gets two extra parameters: This feature comes as a module. Loading and displaying images PhotoSwipe creates the illusion of faster loading. Images display progressively as data arrives Photos are displayed before they fully load.

This feature is disabled on touch devices because it could cause swipe transitions to lag. Low-resolution images are instantly displayed and then stretched to full size Pass the source of a thumbnail to PhotoSwipe, which will display it instantly and load the full-sized image over top.

Smart loading indicator Just a stretched thumbnail or gray placeholder is used, with the full image progressively loaded over top.

Luke Wroblewski on spinners: A delay is added to avoid blinking in case the image was cached or the user has a fast connection. The image starts loading before the animation, so users on fast connections might not even notice that something was loading. You can control how many images to preload through the API.

Responsive letter

You can use Schema. Click to zoom image If an image is smaller than the viewport, PhotoSwipe will show a zoom cursor over the image and zoom icon in the top bar.

Pan via the wheel or trackpad or by dragging When an image is zoomed in, the user can pan across it via the mouse wheel or the trackpad or by dragging it. And if you need to extend this functionality, you can use the API, of course. User interface The UI is entirely separated from the core of the script.

Default PhotoSwipe UI is responsive — optimized for desktop, tablets and mobile devices. PNG is used for regular 1x displays. Social sharing The default UI has a button that pops open a window with sharing links.

Native HTML5 full-screen A full-screen image-viewing experience is supported, including on mobile devices with native full-screen support.

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PhotoSwipe can be closed simply by scrolling the page on non-touch devicesthus avoiding any extra movement of the mouse. The background can be set to any color and transparency level.

The vertical margins between images can be controlled through an API. PhotoSwipe is treated as a modal dialog, so aria attributes are added, and the gallery gains focus when it is open. Problems solved by PhotoSwipe Images are displayed at their highest possible size and are not limited by the width of the column or wrapper.

Each image is isolated from the other content and fits the viewport vertically, so that the user can focus on it. If an image is larger than the viewport, it can be zoomed which most galleries are unable to do. But if the image has important details and the user zooms it, it will look pixelated.

With PhotoSwipe, when the user taps the small image pixelsthe large one will load pixelsthus preserving all of the detail. Also, it occupies less space on the page, and you can directly link to individual images in a gallery.We invest with courage of conviction. We ignore the crowd. We swing big at our best ideas.

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