Observation of the classroom/essay

Schedule Observation Simplify observation planning with easy-to-use scheduling, rating, and evidence capturing tools. Plan in advance Intuitive online platform allows for scheduling staff observations in advance to align with planned observation cycles. Observe on-the-go Platform also functions for on-demand observations, allowing for impromptu classroom walkthroughs.

Observation of the classroom/essay

Classroom Observation I use to believe that being Observation of the classroom/essay teacher was going to be eight hours of Observation essay sample Classroom Observation Report:: Teacher Observation Report Classroom Observation Report Essay - Classroom Observation On two different days, several observations took place in two different types of environment.

Classroom Observation Maria and I were going to observe a kindergarten classroom Elementary classroom observation essay A Study on a Kindergarten Classroom Observation - UK Essays 23 Mar My observations were spent in a kindergarten classroom at Osceola elementary.

This essay has been submitted by a student. School observation report classroom observation essays classroom observation essaysMr. How to write a class observation report I feel that they review a sufficient amount without over-doing their attention spans.

As far as musical skills are concerned, this teacher is very comfortable using vocal model and her singing voice. The students are getting opportunities for varied experiences but the balance still tips in the traditional way of singing being the main medium of instruction.

10 Steps to Effective Classroom Observations and Walkthroughs

Unfortunately, we probably will not be able to create an ideal curriculum. Perhaps her self-proclaimed deficiencies on piano are the reason for the limited use of piano accompaniment or perhaps it is the nature of the class and position of the piano.

I feel that the climate in the room is one of fun, which motivates the students to want to learn. The opening activity doubles as a great assessment tool for pitch matching and the development of the singing voice.

While there was no content here that I could see, it was a testament to her flexibility. I think that if she planned a few more movement-based learning activities that some classroom management issues would be solved.

Often times she has the students sitting for long periods of time. Not only have they just come from lunch but their attention spans are not long enough to have that long of instruction be effective.

She never comes across as mean but she is always in control and the students respond to that authoritative demeanor. In regard to the students, they are very responsive to her instructions and are often very excited for classroom activities.

Observation of the classroom/essay

They are provided many opportunities to participate in class and they interact when given the opportunity. Overall, the students are learning concepts, improving skills and behaving in a way that is conducive to engaging learning experiences. It would be ideal to have the time to provide constructive feedback based on more than behavior but this is a constraint of reality.

She always projects energy, confidence and a strong sense of authority. The instruction I observed through these observations was pretty effective overall.

Essay classroom observation

However, I believe that that is more due to the reality of her time and the necessities of preparing for a program than it is a reflection on her ability to plan effectively.

In that same observation they were to play rhythms on instruments but they were simply reading off the board. Her piano skills are not utilized very often.

Observation of the classroom/essay

I appreciate many of the things that she does in her classroom.Elementary Classroom Observation Essay Sample. I am conducting my service learning hours at Palm Springs North Elementary School, which teaches grades between pre-kindergarten and 5th grade.

This school is located in Palm Springs North, Florida. Before entering this classroom my purpose was to see the difference from a music class compared to a regular kindergarten class. I wanted to observer her lesson plan and . Essay on Classroom Observation Report Words | 9 Pages teacher and her students in an observation I did in a false beginner English as Second Language (ESL) class at the University of Texas.

So you're conducting your first CLASS observation. How should you dress? What do you need to bring? Here are some tips that CLASS training may not have covered. Class work observation: When he instructed to the students to write the classification of election, he observed the class work by walking and watching the activities of the students entering the passages between the columns.

Guidelines CLASSROOM OBSERVATION Final documents Classroom observation 1 CLASSROOM OBSERVATION GUIDELINES OBJECTIVES: To observe teachers’ ability to integrate the “Ja-ling” approach to their every-day classes.

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