Fukuoka, Japan Introduction My experience has been quite varied, but not without purpose. A year into my professional writing career, I was promoted to the position of Senior Technical Editor for the Director??? It was there that I wrote speeches for the C-Suite, helped to create an organization-wide onboarding program, and figured out how to manage large projects on a tight schedule.


By Steve Diogo The former CNN and Fox newscaster talked with Renew about the power of celebrity in the fight against addiction, the imperative to speak up and why confusing anonymity with secrecy means people will continue to die of addiction.

At the height of her career, Laurie Dhue was at the depth of her alcoholism.

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From Mediabistro early s throughDhue rode a successful career as the only person to hold anchor positions at all of the top three cable news networks: To the world, she was the essence of professionalism—poised, intelligent, authoritative.

Dhue filled them all, at least when the cameras were on. I would be writing scripts fighting the urge to throw up, saying those foxhole prayers: But think back to that confused and frightened state before we found help, back when we all thought we were the only one, back when we had no idea what was happening to us or what help would look like if we could even imagine it was out there at all.

For many of us, that period tends to get forgotten among the horrors of using, the defining moments of hitting bottom and the joys and challenges of early recovery. But Dhue fiercely embraces that specific point in her history: It is the energy that fuels her mission to use her celebrity podium to educate the world on addiction and recovery and make sure suffering addicts know three things: Her calendar is filled with speaking engagements in which she strives to educate the public on the nature of addiction and reality of recovery.

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She never planned to be the poster child for sobriety. In fact, through the first four years of her recovery, she shared her story with few people.

But the universe—or at least another reporter— had other plans.


While most of us choose whom to tell and when, Dhue awoke one morning to find stories of her alcoholism all over the internet. She had been outed.


It happened after a talk at what was supposed to be a private, off-the-record event. The speakers were asked to talk about the role of faith in their lives. Little did I know that there was a reporter from Mediabistro in the room, and she decided to tell my story. By the next morning, it was everywhere.

What if I was shunned? Would I ever get another job? How would my fellow alcoholics react?

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I said yes, with the understanding that I would focus on a message of hope. I have this problem, too. Get our Free E-Newsletter. And the fact that they are not advocates for sobriety really ticks me off.

This, in turn, causes celebrities to keep quiet, and that maintains the stigma that ends in death.

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The public and the media do not understand this disease. Her story is no different from the millions of others who suffer in quiet desperation, and it is crucial to her that people know the details so they can connect with what it felt like at the bottom.

But there was this slow buildup of a lot of moments. I was so tired—mentally and emotionally tired. I knew it was the end of the road.Outed as a recovering person against her will, Laurie Dhue, the former CNN and Fox newscaster, has embraced her role as a champion of recovery.

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Mediabistro Touts Launch of Three New Online Training Courses In today’s media climate where everyone’s a publisher and news competes with brands and personalities, it has become ever more important for communications professionals to evolve their skills to tackle emerging trends.

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