Job analysis and job specification

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Job analysis and job specification

What Is a Job?

Job analysis and job specification

A group of homogeneous tasks related by similarity of functions. When performed by an employee in an exchange for pay, a job consists of duties, responsibilities, and tasks performance elements that are 1 defined and specific, and 2 can be accomplished, quantified, measured, and rated.

From a wider perspective, a job is synonymous with a role and includes the physical and social aspects of a work environment. Often, individuals identify themselves with their job or role foreman, supervisor, Job analysis and job specification, etc.

Job Analysis Job analysis, contains a simple term called "analysis", which means detailed study or examination of something job in order to understand more about it job. Job analysis is a systematic process of collecting complete information pertaining to a job. Job analysis is done by job analyst who is an officer have been trained for it.

Job analysis is a procedure through which you determine the duties and responsibilities, nature of the jobs and finally to decide qualifications, skills and knowledge to be required for an employee to perform particular job.

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Job analysis helps to understand what tasks are important and how they are carried on. Job analysis forms basis for later HR activities such as developing effective training program, selection of employees, setting up of performance standards and assessment of employees performance appraisal and employee remuneration system or compensation plan.

One of the first industrial-organizational psychologists to introduce job analysis was Morris Viteles. Inhe used job analysis in order to select employees for a trolley car company. The intention behind job analysis is to answer questions such as: What physical and mental activities does the worker undertake?

When is the job to be performed? Where is the job to be performed? How does the job performed by an employee?

What is job specification? definition and meaning -

What qualities and qualifications are required to perform the job? Its objectives include a to determine most effective methods for performing a job. Definitions of Job Analysis Some important definitions of job-analysis are as under: This is the complete study of the job embodying every known and determinable factor, including the duties and responsibilities involved in its performance; the conditions under which performance is carried on; the nature of the task; the qualifications required in the worker; and the conditions of employment such as pay, hours, opportunities and privileges" In the words of Dale Yoder.

Jucius, "Job analysis refers to the process of studying the operations, duties and organisational aspects of jobs in order to derive specification or, as they are called by some job description " In the words of Edwin B. Flippo, "Job analysis is the process of studying and collecting information relating to the operations and responsibilities of a specific job " According to Blum, "A job analysis is an accurate study of the various components of a job.

It is concerned not only with an analysis of the duties and conditions of work, but also with the individual qualifications of the worker. Job analysis takes place before the recruitment process.

The handbook is a nationally recognized source of career information for hundreds of various jobs. Information subjects include required job training and education, earnings, expected job prospects, what workers do on the job, and working conditions.

He shall work on policies and standards, based on applicable directives of superior Courts, establish the performance standards applicable to the Court including on timeliness, efficiency; quality of Court performance; infrastructure; and human resources; access to justice; as well as for systems for Court management and case management.

He will carry out an evaluation of the compliance of the directives of the Court with such standards; identify deficiencies and deviations; identify steps required to achieve compliance, maintain such an evaluation on a current basis through annual updates.2 Other Job Analysis Methods • CIT- (Critical incidents technique) collects and categorizes critical incidents that are critical in performing the job.

• Task Oriented Procedures 1. Task Analysis- compiles and categorizes a list of task that are performed in the job. MICHIGAN CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION JOB SPECIFICATION FAMILY INDEPENDENCE SPECIALIST JOB DESCRIPTION Employees in this job complete and oversee a variety of.

Job Analysis is a primary tool to collect job-related data. The process results in collecting and recording two data sets including job description and job specification.

Any job vacancy can not be filled until and unless HR manager has these two sets of data. It is necessary to define them. In as little as seven months, the Entrepreneur Authors program will turn your ideas and expertise into a professionally presented book. Job description and job specification are two integral parts of job analysis.

They are the written documents helps both employer & employee to understand the job requirement. These documents are very important to find the best fit for the available job.


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