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Indian removal dbq google docs

Who would coordinate this and other responses to so many other new technolegal developments? Should there not be a metadot coordinating Slashdot and Lawdot and Meddot and Faithdot and Polidot and? Maybe Metadot is too Geek.

Could use Superdot or Overdot. Who the hell would host this and at what cost? Public comment period runs thorough February 27th, so if you're thinking of joining the latest class of jet-setters, better get your opinions in now.

The FAA mentions the possibility of incorporating the " no-fly " list of the TSA into security requirements for space travel. If the Feds don't issue rules, it's not like the industry won't be unsupervised.

What'll happen instead is that it will get "supervised" by the motley crew of lawyers who sue it, and the decisions of the judges and juries who decide the resulting cases. The net result, that is, would be that a random patchwork of State and Federal Courts would exercise some kind of random and mostly unpredictable supervision of the industry.

So what they're getting from the Feds here is a set of clear and comprehensive rules which put an "official" stamp on certain best practises. That way, when -- notice I don't say "if" Indian removal dbq google docs somebody gets sued, then as long as they've followed those regulations they're pretty safe.

In Court they just point to the regulations, produce the signed inspection reports, and say they followed the rules, the passenger signed the waiver -- end of story, sorry Charlie.

The bad operators will get toasted of course, but they should. But they'll win most of them. Furthermore, these regulations give the industry a consistent national policy.

Indian removal dbq google docs

No random variations from county to county, depending on which fool is sitting in the judge's chair this month. That's worth a lot, since these are going to be national-scale ventures, and it sucks up a lot of company resources to make sure you're complying with 50 sets of state regulations, not to mention a few hundred local rulebooks.

Much better to have one set of Federal rules trump them all. And a mere pages is nothing compared to the tens of thousands of state and local regs that could have come into play.

Not to mention that unpredictable liability rules mean high interest rates when you borrow money, because investors don't like unmeasurable random risks. So maybe just take a deep breath and all. There do have to be some rules, after all.

As long as they're sensible, this is a good thing. I believe also these rules are issued in lieu of any FAA meddling, too -- as I recall, the FAA is forbidden by Executive order from issuing any regulations beyond this set here for 8 years, or until an avoidable fatal accident happens, whichever comes first.

Sounds sensible to me. Much of the proposal sounds well thought out Score: The discussion points about topics such as licensing and qualification requirements and medical standards show that they have considered numerous alternatives and are interested in creating regulations that enhance safety and protect the public, without placing unnecessary burdens on companies, crews, and passengers wishing to participate in spaceflight.

Plus they're actively asking for input, and discuss input they've already received. It really looks like a good faith effort to allow reasonable spaceflight efforts, with an eye on public safety.

I thought it telling that right away, they list "citizen explorers" as a category of people who will be conducting spaceflights under these regulations.

They're specifically addressing the understanding that this will be a risky business that should still be allowed and encouraged. Lots of blah blah comments so far including one tard griping about the pdf document format get a life dudebut very few have bothered to read any of the proposal.

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