How poverty makes ones life hard

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How poverty makes ones life hard

Generally, the objectification and exploitation of human beings in the media bothers us. At least to some degree, we are bothered when media simplify humans, women and men, down to the characteristics that can be used to prove a point, elicit a high emotional response and generate profit.

We see this in advertising, movies, pornography. There is a similar problem with the way we represent the poor in How poverty makes ones life hard media, exploiting their condition and even their suffering for financial gain. As we often do with the objectification of women, we need to pause and ask ourselves whether it is ethical to depict the graphic qualities of a human being to Western audiences for the sole purpose of eliciting an emotional experience and ultimately, money.

Here are five major issues with this common practice: Eight out of 10 women are victims of rape. Poverty is a result of both individual and systemic problems, involving not only personal circumstances but the social and justice systems in place that either work to empower the poor or perpetuate their condition.

However, poverty porn defines poverty as merely the observable suffering resulting from a simple lack of material resources.

How poverty makes ones life hard

She writes that showing extreme despair may seem like the only solution. Poverty porn shows grotesque crises, often through individual stories, that audiences can easily mend through a simple solution or donation.

Poverty porn makes a complex human experience understandable, consumable and easily treatable. Poverty porn leads to charity, not activism.

Women in Burundi work together to save money and provide loans to one another so they can buy land, start micro enterprises and support their families.

See a Problem?

Instead, poverty porn says that material resources are the problem and the solution, where poverty can be addressed through a simple phone call or monthly donation. To be clear, this kind of giving has the potential to make significant impacts once in the hands of organizations that address poverty in a sustainable way.

However, it perpetuates dangerous ideologies along the way that do more harm than good. It tells the poor that they are helpless beneficiaries and it tells financially secure donors that they are the saviors. In this dynamic, donors are told that they are the only ones with the ability to make a difference.

Nothing is said about what it would look like to empower the poor and walk alongside them to help them realize their inherent ability to be the change agents in their own communities. Haugan addresses this necessary shift from treating the symptoms of poverty to treating poverty itself.

Difference 2: Vocabulary

A local church in Rwanda building a new home for a vulnerable family in their community. It is multi-faceted and should be depicted as such. Most North American audiences define poverty by physical suffering and a lack of material resources, while the poor define their condition psychologically and emotionally.

Trained community volunteers in Malawi educate mothers in health practices that will protect their families.

Buddhism and Poverty (David Loy)

One of the biggest problems with poverty porn is that it is incredibly successful at empowering the wrong person. It does this in two ways. First, Poverty porn tells donors that because of their position in society and because of their resources they have the ability to be the saviors in vulnerable communities they might know nothing about.

It fails to awaken Western audiences to the mutual need for transformation they share with their poor brothers and sisters and instead perpetuates dangerous paternalism. Second, poverty porn debilitates the helped. Poverty porn objectifies its subjects, defining them by their suffering and stripping them of the vital components of all human life — agency, autonomy and unlimited potential.

Advertisements and marketing materials depicting the suffering of the poor and soliciting financial support may inadvertently tell subjects that they are indeed helpless beneficiaries, dependent on the support of the wealthy for any lasting transformation.

In reality, successfully addressing poverty means empowering the poor to transform their own communities, even admitting our own inadequacy and ignorance in understanding the true nature of poverty.

When it comes to profitability, poverty porn delivers on its promise. In fact, audiences are more likely to make a financial donation when an ad shows a child that is suffering, rather than happy and healthy. At the end of the day, poverty porn is the result of well-meaning organizations attempting to raise money for their programs, and it works.

This raises an important question — is the profitability of poverty porn worth the perpetuation of false ideologies and stereotypes? Sustainable change in poor communities is more than the sum of its financial donations.

We cannot impose our constructs on them. Tell us in a comment below. She lives in Baltimore, MD and is currently finishing her final semester of college.Bad sanitation makes one susceptible to diseases, and hunger and lack of clean water makes one even more vulnerable to diseases.

Impoverished countries and communities often suffer from discrimination and end up caught in a cycle of poverty.

At work, I've had to coach a lot of smart, hard-working people to quit saying “"I'm sorry”, stop acting defensive, and start believing in themselves. That so many worthy folks grow up without these skills is heartbreaking.

This is one of the worse, if least quantifiable, consequences of being raised poor. People who don’t have health insurance from work can buy health coverage under the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

The premiums are made affordable by a premium subsidy in the form of a tax credit calculated off your income relative to the federal poverty levels (FPL), also known.

The causes and effects of poverty are often interrelated in such a way that one problem hardly ever occurs alone. Bad sanitation, for example, makes it easier to spread around old and new diseases, and hunger and lack of water make people more vulnerable to . [The following is excerpted from The Forest and The Trees: Sociology as Life, Practice, and Promise, rev. more information click here.]. F. ollowing the course of major social problems such as poverty, drug abuse, violence, and oppression, it often seems that nothing works. “To succeed in your professional life isn’t that hard, but to succeed in your personal life is a lot harder.

To really be a human is a lot harder. We forget about that.” These are the words of Yann Arthus-Bertrand, director of the film Human, from which the clip below was taken.

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How poverty makes ones life hard
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