Honours degree dissertations

Go University of Otago Dissertations at Honours level are not subject to the same quality assurance process required of theses.

Honours degree dissertations

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I want to briefly outline how approaching my own dissertation seemed like an extremely daunting task. If you love writing like us Wikinutters do and if you choose an interesting, unique and relevant subject that is the first step to success.

Undergraduate dissertations and narrow, but also in depth - most importantly though, they must have a clear line of argument! And, more importantly, commitment and dedication.

As I am completing a Business Management and Economics Degree, I decided to write my own dissertation about the link or lack of link between Foreign Direct Investment and Corruption globally. This was an ambitious project to say the least and, in my eyes, was a bit of a risk!

But, if you Honours degree dissertations try, you'll never know! So, pick your subject well in advance and make it different.

Honours degree dissertations

It needs to be both relevant and interesting to the reader, so don't forget that as well! Draft, Draft and Re-Draft The more you re-read and re-assess each part of your dissertation, the more you can tweak it and the better you will do! Start writing and planning from day one and keep going over your work!

DO NOT leave all of your writing until the last minute! If I could offer any vital tip this would be it. It is so easy to forget things if you haven't written them down, so if you feel like a point is relevant, get it down there and then!

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Overall, the more drafting and proof reading the better I think I did about eight solid drafts of each section of the dissertation by the end! If you are given a supervisor or a tutor for your dissertation or research project, there is a good reason for it!

As well as building a rapport with them, their advice is invaluable! Seriously, the more you listen to and apply your tutor's advice, the better you will do - after all, they will be the initial marker of the project! Utilising your tutor throughout the dissertation process is key in achieving a "First".

If you leave gaps in your project for example, no individual commentary etc this provokes that you are uncertain about your project! Check and check again that what you are saying is valid, justified by supportive literature and that you pass your own comment on it within reason!

To produce a solid dissertation, observe the marking criteria - what are you being asked? What approach should you take - qualitative, quantitative, or both? Go above and beyond - interview who you can, use visuals to support, even produce your own unique logo on your work - all of these things will gain, not lose you marks!

I hope this short overview sets a path for success I could write a whole book on "How To and How Not To Write a Dissertation" but keeping things clear and concise on Wikinut should help all of you to achieve great things.

For information on electronic dissertations. Final Oral Defense Examination Passing a final (at least partly oral) examination conducted by the Dissertation Committee on . Honours degree dissertation. This examination normally occurs after the dissertation is finished but before it is submitted to the university, and may comprise a presentation (often public) by the student and questions posed by an examining committee or jury. Preparing for Honours - Hints and Tips Honours is described as follows: "The award of Honours at UWA results only from successful completion of a degree or, in rare cases, a • read Honours dissertations in your field to see how previous students have structured theirs.

Work hard and good luck!1 Introduction A key aim of any honours degree programme in the UK is to encourage students to become independent learners. This is no easy task in an environment in which many students arrive. 2 Guidelines for Undertaking a Dissertation in Bachelor (Honours), Graduate Diploma and Masters Degree Programs dissertation or its equivalent in the visual and performing arts, is .

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Honours degree dissertations

Free ebook. The incredible results companies are achieving with EX + . List of dissertations in partial fulfilment of: Honours Degree in Economics.

Please click here for full list of dissertations.. Masters Degree in Economics. Please click here for full list of dissertations.

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Doctoral Degree Requirements and Dissertation Information. Need help? For problems in conversion to PDF, call ScholarWorks. For information on electronic dissertations. Final Oral Defense Examination. Passing a final (at least partly oral) examination conducted by the Dissertation Committee on the Amherst campus is required for.

This article addresses the increasing diversity of students and supervisors and the issue of engaging students to undertake a dissertation in an undergraduate degree.

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