Biblical worldview

What does it mean by someone holding to a biblical worldview? What other views are there? What is a non-biblical Worldview?

Biblical worldview

What Is a Biblical Worldview? Mike Norris January 06, Everybody has a worldview! From the pigmy tribes in the Congo to the cufflink staffer in the White House, everybody has a philosophy of how they view the world.

Simply put, a worldview is simply the way that a human being looks at life—the way we perceive things. Everyone has a lens that they look at the world through. And the way we look at the world makes all the difference in the world.

Biblical worldview

It determines how we define reality, as well as how we relate to each other. Everybody has a lens through which they interpret where life came from, and why bad things happen, and what their purpose of existence is really all about.

Everybody has a worldview. We believe the Bible Biblical worldview inspired of God, inerrant, and infallible. But sadly, few believers can put their hands on what they believe as their worldview, because we really do not know what the Bible teaches.

Not everybody you live around today has the same worldview as you do. In fact, thanks to seventy-five years of public education, Biblical worldview of those living around you have an opposing worldview!

There are also those who have a confused worldview, because they attempt to mix a Biblical worldview with a humanistic worldview and then wonder why everything seems so mixed up in this world!

Culture—The civilization that he lives in, his society, value system, customs, arts, and his heritage with all of its traditions, traits, and ideals.

Education—What he has been taught as truth. Please understand that you and I are a product of what we read, watch, and subject our minds to. Religious beliefs—What he has been taught as matters of faith.

Emotions—How he feels about a matter can be so strong that it outweighs any other logic or truth! How you and I look at the world is largely shaped by the culture around us, and our culture is largely shaped by the worldview that is accepted by the majority of those you live with.

For example, if you work a job in which you are the only Christian present or if you attend a liberal college you are probably subject to a pretty rough environment.

The same is true when you live in a society that is dominated by a media that is anti-God—the culture is ordinarily shaped by the majority, and you and I have to be careful that we do not let this anti-God worldview shape or change our worldview.

Culture around us is made up of the sum of everything that is out there and it is not neutral. The danger for us is that we can become so attached and so enamored with the culture around us that we actually become captive to it. When that happens, the first thing that we begin to question is our worldview.

We begin to question the absolutes of God and trust the theories of the world! When Paul delivered the sermon on Mars Hill to a humanistic society in Acts chapter seventeen, he did not even remotely question his worldview! He was so confident in his belief system his faith that he took his biblical worldview and engaged a pagan society that was very sincere in what they believed!

He did not back down as he boldly proclaimed his God as true and their gods as false.What are the elements of a Christian worldview?

Biblical worldview

Christianity teaches a set of beliefs that form the basics of our worldview. Following is a list of some of the elements that make up the Christian worldview.

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In The Drama of Scripture, Craig Bartholomew and Michael Goheen provide an engaging overview of the story line and theology of the Bible. As the authors suggest in their introduction, it is only as we read and appropriate the Bible “as our story” that we fully understand it and allow it to have authority over us.

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Christian Worldview – The Individual Elements A Christian worldview is a comprehensive view of the world from a biblical standpoint.

Therefore, a Christian’s view of the world should be an integrated whole, comprised of a number of distinct, biblical elements. Civil Government, Law, and Politics. State or civil government. I will use these terms interchangeably, capitalizing State to recognize its legitimacy as a God-ordained authority.

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