Ashford university eng 125 final paper

Born in London on 24 April

Ashford university eng 125 final paper

Chapter VI Conclusion Since the late s, Steven Berkoff made it a mission to spread his dramatic vision, and, in the process gained a devoted audience.

Berkoff aimed to convert what he saw as the bourgeois theatre of realism into a dynamic, presentational "total-theatre. Typically, these directors use stylized movement and choreography, manipulate speech patterns, and incorporate other art-forms into their theatre.

Moreover, Berkoff, Wilson, and Foreman share a penchant for artificially manipulating time and space in their productions. In the latter two plays, Berkoff uses the legato rhythm to specifically emphasize language. In this manner, Berkoff uses aural effects to enhance the overall environment.

More literal parallels exist between Berkoff and fringe mainstay Lindsay Kemp, who share Ashford university eng 125 final paper heritage in mime, masks, and movement.

One prevalent theme of Berkoff's personal and professional life is his status as an "outsider" -- a persona he usually embraces, yet, at times, regrets.

Late in his career his work has become critically and commercially accepted, even if it was not always embraced; yet, he remains committed to pushing the limits of the conservative theatre establishment.

Many consider his rants against naturalism and all theatre critics to be fanatical. Although he despises professional critics, he uses their comments as fuel for his own creative and professional fire.

Just as Berkoff is torn between his need for critical acceptance from and disdain for those critics, he sees his polarized position in the British theatre circles as "natural. He talks about relationships between opposites.

The more you hate something, the more you find yourself attracted to it, in a curious way" Features n. This paradox personifies Berkoff. Berkoff's plays often touch upon class-politics and personal issues of estrangement, isolation, and loneliness, but, his primary focus is on form as much -- if not more -- than content.

His form can be termed "experimental.

Ashford university eng 125 final paper

This experimental label is sometimes used synonymously with Berkoff's status as a "fringe" performer. Though the two adjectives overlap, Berkoff continued his "experiments" upon the boards of the world's most prestigious, and well-established, theatres as well as those on the "fringe.

In his review for The Independent, Thomas Sutcliffe observed that Messiah will stand for the tendency of the plusher ends of the Fringe to offer its audience an entirely reliable product -- one polished over succeeding years but rarely re-invented.

Features 8 Berkoff's experiments with form and content often merge with his relationship to language.

Ashford university eng 125 final paper

Berkoff juxtaposes the elevated form of language, verse, for example, into plays with contemporary settings. As a director, Berkoff reconstructs language into a stylized vocal delivery, attempting to jar the audience from their typical theatre-going experience -- this technique is especially true in his Shakespearean productions and adaptations.

Though it appears that Berkoff is battling the playwright, he sees it in other terms. Rather than battling, he believes that he is enhancing the playwright's work by making it fresh and relevant.

Much of his theatre -- and attitude in general -- is combative: Berkoff revives many of his productions, and, considers himself process-oriented, although he generally gears his revivals toward a product similar to the original. He does, however, try to rediscover the script by refining the production.

Though he no longer keeps a standing repertory or formal company, he does try to work with the same actors whenever possible. What do you mean again?

That is exactly the sort of remark I'd expect from someone with your boring, bourgeois background in the arts! The play is in my repertoire, and that's what an artist does, he performs his repertoire.

He has turned out a prodigious body of work considering his roles as stage and screen actor, director, photographer, and author playwright, production journals, novels, diaries, essayist, and other sundry works. This oeuvre is even more impressive considering Berkoff is his own principal producer -- making him a force in all major areas of theatre production.

This need for financial and artistic autonomy causes Berkoff to take on projects he might otherwise decline, particularly acting in mainstream films.

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Berkoff's identity as an actor-manager has continued to the present day. He has embraced the world-wide-web through an elaborate internet-site [Ref ] consisting of links to reviews, curriculum vitae, biography, photographs, sound bites, contact-information for his agents and personal assistantpersonal diary, notice board, tour-dates, and a shopping area for his books and videos.

His company, East Productions, is located in the docklands of London. His business office, supervised by his personal assistant Lisa Ahrens, is a part of his house, which overlooks the Thames River. Recently, Berkoff began to sell recordings of his stage performances exclusively through his office and web-site.

Berkoff does not embrace interviewers -- especially those from scholarly circles. Berkoff originally declined to be interviewed for this dissertation -- communication via e-mail and hand-written letters were fruitless.

The beginning of an interview with Berkoff is an intimidating moment.🔥Citing and more! Add citations directly into your paper, Check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes.

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