A review of hitch a romantic comedy movie by andy tennant

It is a romantic comedy set in Manhattan, that deals with a "Date Doctor" who teaches klutz men how to wow beautiful women into romance. Will Smith plays Alex Hitchens, a successful dating counselor known as Dr. Hitch, the "Date Doctor". Hitch is a smooth talker who knows how to talk to women, he understands what women think and is capable of approaching any women.

A review of hitch a romantic comedy movie by andy tennant

Updated 10 March Contains one use of strong language and moderate sex references A cute romantic comedy that's at least 30 minutes too long, Hitch charms for the first hour but falls apart come the crunch.

His latest gig is to set up no-hoper of an accountant Albert Kevin James with high-flying socialite Allegra Amber Valletta. But then hot-looking gossip reporter Sara Eva Mendes sniffs a story and the date doctor is in need of his own advice That advice, doled out for a fee, includes looking at a woman's eyes when she's talking not her lips and definitely not her breastsavoiding freaky dancing and, um, actually listening to what your date is saying.

It's sad but true: And Smith is just the bloke to give it - with his easy wit and charisma, he easily convinces as a man women would want to be with. The scenes where he's setting up bumbling bachelors with their dream gals are great and Kevin James is likeable as the chunky nobody in a Notting Hill-style relationship with a woman way out of his league.

She isn't the only person let down by the join-the-dots final act, a tension and romance-free mess that undermines a lot of earlier good work. Go along feeling forgiving and slushy and it does the job, but Hitch isn't a memorable date.Watch the full length movie Hitch online. Sign up for a Verizon Fios account and get access to thousands of movies & TV shows and watch On Demand.

Romantic comedy. Director: Andy Tennant. Cast: Will Smith, Alex "Hitch" Hitchens. Eva Mendes, Sara. Kevin James, Albert. Full Credits & Details. Trailers & Movie Clips. Hitch Home Video Trailer 2. But in “Hitch,” Andy Tennant’s slight but enjoyable romantic comedy, he’s nicely matched with the material; his ease creates the movie’s pleasant hum.

A review of hitch a romantic comedy movie by andy tennant

Sep 22,  · Will Smith's romantic comedy Hitch is a breezy, fleeting affair. Tricked out with a trendy New York sensibility, a pop soundtrack and one egregious example of product placement, director Andy. Andy Tennant's flimsy but generally likeable comedy is tailor-made for Smith's cheerfully suave comic style, and the movie goes out of its way to avoid any hint of sleaziness.

Read full review Accessibility Links. Skip to Main Content; Skip to Main Navigation; Skip to Footer; holidays tickets win magazine offers money gardening. I loved this movie. It was a perfect match for my mood and mindset.

THE ROMANTIC COMEDY HITCH An obvious choice to direct Hitch was director Andy Tennant, who had ably displayed his romantic comedy chops in such major hits as Sweet Home Alabama and Ever After.


“Andy owns this genre,” says Zee, who previously worked with Tennant on.

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